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Posted On: June 06, 2018
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Tube Filling Done Right!

Posted On: June 06, 2018

This is what the Badger Company of New Hampshire has experienced since purchasing the TU-60 Tube Filler from Gustav Obermeyer.  Badger is a family run certified 100% organic natural body and care products company.                                                                                                                                                                                        

They chose the Gustav Obermeyer tube filler for excellent quality and fine engineering.  The machine has delivered consistent uninterrupted production for 4 months since being installed.

The current operation is a hot fill running with laminate tubes.  A simple change-over will allow the TU-60 to run metal folded tubes.

Gustav Obermeyer offers a full range of tube fillers from-semi-automatic to dual lane 160 tubes per minute.  All models are made flexible with clean design.


High Speed Electronic Filling Line

Posted On: March 02, 2018

160 Bpm Dual System. Modular has just completed a fully integrated multi-line electronic counting line at our facility in Rockaway, New Jersey.

The Line operates with four VC-12 electronic counters using a 12 inch wide dual lane conveyor that is Plc controlled.

Customer requirements were affordable, flexible, accurate, quick change-over, low maintenance, high quality machines.  All equipment made in the USA!!!


New Universal Feed Screw Drive

Posted On: December 04, 2017

 In 2017, Modular introduced a feed screw drive that can be mounted to any conveyor or machine platform.

Three independent axis adjustments allow for any setting. These include in and out, up and down and side to side movement.  Digital read outs connected to each dial ensure precise positioning.

The feed screw drive is designed for industrial use constructed with stainless steel and anodized aluminum components. Large handles allow for quick and easy adjustment.

Our assembly can be ordered to accommodate any existing  feed screws.  Mounting surface is available for either Stepper or Servo motors. All moving parts are fully guarded.

Please contact us for pricing or additional information @973-970-9393.


Multi-Line Projects

Posted On: October 30, 2017

Multiple Line Projects underway at Modular's new facility.  We continue to see strong sales of our Multi-Line Channel Counters.

This year Modular has increased machine batch sizes making available several stock machines.

We now have  a MPS 48-10 Slat Counter and VC-12 Channel Counter in stock.


What's New at Modular

Posted On: August 01, 2017

Machine Production is well underway at Modular's new location. This facility provides ample space for full line integration.  We currently have multiple line projects slated for completion early this fall.

We have seen a surge in orders for our Multi-lane counters since the introduction of our higher speed design.  This platform is easily retrofitted onto our existing Multi-channel counters already in the market place. Contact us for more information at or by phone 973-970-9393.

The MPS 48-10 Slat Counter continues to be our most popular model capable of 150 bpm. We offer higher speed slat counters capable of 300 bpm with feed screw registration and front/back funnels.

Please visit our website periodically to get the latest updates and news on what's happening at Modular!!



Posted On: October 04, 2016

Modular was asked by Omer Medical Logistics to help improve the output on their Auto Bag Sprint side pouch bagger. The Auto Bag system was capable of running faster than they could fill into the bags. We recommended the MPS VC-12 multi lane counter. The machine can fill  any product or count size and does not require change parts. The VC- 12 was fully integrated with the Auto Bag system to run independent of an operator.

Please see the video and visit Omer Logistics website at to read more about their mission.


Modular Packaging 2017 PMMI Show

Posted On: September 30, 2016

Modular Packaging will be exhibiting in booth N-137 at the 2017 PMMI Show. We will be introducing several new upgrades to our existing machines. Our enhanced VC-12 operates at higher speeds and will handle the most challenging products. Please visit us to learn more about these and other products that Modular offers to help increase your operational efficiency and output.


Data Technology on ICU280 Tablet Fillers

Posted On: July 02, 2015

Data Technology was recently awarded a U S Patent for their unique image processing design for counting bulk product. This incredibly innovative approach to tablet counting is a game changer in the pharmaceutical industry. This vibratory system operates with cameras that ensure accurate counting and integrity of the product. A system that can run in a high dust environment while maintaining accurate count. It does not require product change parts which equates to substantial savings for companies that run numerous products.

Sales are strong in the U.S. market for the Data ICU-2-80 with other installations worldwide in China, Italy and other European countries. There is a machine at Modular and more information can be found on our website by viewing the embedded video on the ICU-2-80.

Check out the new video from Data Technology on the 
ICU280 Tablet Fillers