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Small Footprint 30-50bpm Tablet Line with VC 12 Filler

A cost effective tablet packaging line with a small footprint, this line can be fitted with desiccant feeders (pouch or canister) as well as a neck bander depending on your individual packaging requirements.

Tablet Filler - Model 48-10-A - Dual Lane - Modular Packaging

Made in the USA, this dual lane slat filler uses inexpensive change parts to output production speeds up to 175bpm. This servo controlled machine uses dual lane technology to eliminate time wasted indexing bottles under the funnels. Small footprint design.

Table Counter/Table Top - Model MC-2 - Modular Packaging

Built in the USA, this table top unit is easy to set up and is well suited to short run production as well as count verification for higher speed lines. 

Tablet Elevator - Modular Packaging Systems Inc.

Eliminating the need for ladders and platforms, this tablet elevator is well suited for new or existing slat fillers and electronic counters. With a small footprint and with 316 stainless steel change parts, our unit uses gentle vibration to move tablets rather than cleats or gravity feed unit. 

Modular Packaging Systems Inc. Full Production Line

Modular Packaging Systems, a long time member of the Packaging Machinery Manufacturers Institute (PMMI), has been a leader in providing packaging equipment and solutions to the Pharmaceutical and Nutraceutical Industries.

Tablet Filler - Slat Filler Model SC-60 large format filler

SC-60 Slat Counter is a tablet filling machine capable of high speed filling and large product handling. This machine is used for larger tablets such as antacids and other large diameter products that are uncoated. Unlike electronic counters, dust does not affect the operation of this unit. Modular also integrates full packaging lines with labelers and cappers.

Tablet Packaging Line -Model 48-10 Slat Filler -Modular Packaging

MPS Designed Packaging Line consisting of AU6 Bottle Unscrambler, PS-1 Dessicant Inserter, 48-10 Slat Filler, A6 Capper, MT-36-S Surge Table, AM-250 Sealer, Versaline Labeler, Omega Bundler. All line integration was performed by Modular Packaging Systems.

Electronic Tablet Counter Model VC-12 Channel Counter -Modular Packaging

Made in the USA, this very competitively priced tablet filler is a great unit to replace older channel counters or a great way to increase production. With features found on higher priced units, the Model VC-12 is best value in the market today.

Tablet Filler - Model 48-10 with "Countsafe" Vision System

The Model 48-10 Slat Filler is capable of 100bpm (100ct/10fill slats) and is a very economical way to increase tablet filling production. For filling accuracy, an Optel "Countsafe" Vision system verifies each slat cavity for presence, color, foreign object, thickness, and other parameters.This system replaces an operator for quality control.

Made in the USA, this unit comes in an AC motor and Servo Version.

Unscrambler Table for PET Bottles - Modular Packaging

MT-36-U   36" rotary unscrambler table used to introduce containers single file onto a conveyor.  built by Modular Packaging in the USA. The contact surface is stainless steel. The unit is available as a surge table and accumulation table as well. Very sharp pricing. A full line of sanitary / raised bed stainless steel conveyors is also available.